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Hotel pets

Regula, our kinderclub teacher has had turtles at home for 23 years. But how did they find their way to us at the Schweizerhof on Lenzerheide?

The whole story started with one egg.

From time to time Regula hatches new turtles, which then have to be watched for 2 months after hatching so that they don’t lie on their backs and suffocate.
Regula has been working at the Hotel Schweizerhof for many years. She spends a lot of time with the children of our hotel guests. This gave her the idea to give the turtles a new home at the Schweizerhof. Here they are under constant observation and the children can also learn a lot.

And so Mimi, our first hotel pet, moved in in 2019. Suma and Didi followed in 2020 and Lola in 2021. She is our smallest turtle and the favourite of all the children.

Not only our little hotel guests are fascinated by the little animals, also the parents as well as our team love the turtles.

Every morning Regula lovingly feeds the 4 reptiles so that they can enjoy the afternoon outside in the sun. We feed the turtles with lamb’s lettuce, dandelion, ribwort and plantain. When the animals are inside, it is important that they have a warm lamp. This symbolises the sun for them. What Mimi, Suma, Didi and Lola love is the colour red. As soon as something red is worn, they come running. They like it when they are observed. In this way, children learn not to always touch a pet immediately and discover and sharpen their senses.

It is always nice to come to the children’s club and see happy and beaming children’s eyes.

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